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Cemintel® is part of the Australian owned icon, CSR Building Products company, manufacturing and supplying cement panels and building systems used for external façades, internal linings, ceilings and flooring which are suitable for use in commercial and residential applications.

Cemintel offer engineered systems around prefinished solutions that enhance performance and aesthetics, as well as traditional internal lining products.

Through innovation and intelligence with cement panels and they we do with them, Cemintel are creating products, systems and services that inspire, giving choice and real design flexibility to create striking points of difference.

With unparalleled design flexibility, fibre cement is perhaps one of the most flexible building materials available today. Cemintel offers a wide range of products and systems that make building look great and perform even better.

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Fibre cement products are becoming more popular in building due to a number of properties of the material:

  • Durability

  • Impact resistance

  • Termite resistance

  • Fire resistance

  • Moisture resistance

In addition to these material properties, fibre cement products provide significant design flexibility.

  • Unparalleled design flexibility

  • Prefinished and lightweight

  • Durable and low maintenance

  • Raw, contemporary finish for external application

  • Increased speed of construction & easy to install

  • Weathers naturally and seamlessly blends into its environment

  • Can be used in many diverse ways and cut to different shapes and sizes

  • Maximise Design Footprint



Cemintel® locally manufactures at Wetherill Park, NSW to AS/NZS 2908.2:2000. The factory utilises
a full steel template process to produce a variety
of fibre cement products. This method provides
a smoother and flatter sheet than non-steels or sheet-on-sheet manufacture process, and sets the Cemintel® products apart from others in the market.

The factory at Wetherill Park has a strict testing regime that regularly checks raw materials and finished product to ensure compliance with AS/
NZS 2908.2:2000. In addition, products are tested in accordance with asbestos identification to ‘AS4964 – Method for the Qualitative Identification of Asbestos in Bulk Samples’.


Products are covered by warranty to perform to relevant Australian Standards and Building Code requirements, and solutions are provided to meet fire, acoustic and thermal requirements to service all segments of the construction industry.

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