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Wainwright Facades offers recladding services with a range of compliant products and a specialist team to deliver the most cost-effective and safe outcome. Our team can provide solutions to comply with the changing combustible cladding compliance regulations. 


Recladding refers to replacement of external facade cladding (usually aluminium composite cladding) which becomes necessary when existing cladding is deemed unsafe or begins to deteriorate. Recladding is different to new façade installation and comes with its own set of challenges. We will work closely with fire engineers, building certifiers, façade engineers & suppliers we ensure a fully compliant recladding solution to the building owner.


Over the lifetime of a building there may be reasons for recladding including repairing damaged panels, modernising the external appearance, improving energy efficiency or replacing non-compliant panels. 


Following the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster and 2014 Lacrosse Tower fire in Melbourne, stricter compliance regulations have been put into place to ensure cladding installed on buildings is non-combustible and conforms to national building codes. The current requirement for replacing non-compliant aluminium composite cladding with either solid aluminium, high-mineral content cladding or other forms of non-combustible cladding has been mostly driven by insurance companies and fire regulators.


We have developed systems and standards to efficiently and effectively meet any recladding need, sympathetic to the challenges of working on occupied and complete buildings.


Get in touch to discuss your recladding project.

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