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Prodema® is one of the only companies in the market manufacturing exterior panels with a natural wood veneer. Prodema® is an Authentic, 100% natural timber veneer façade, as such it encompasses the natural beauty of wood with guaranteed performance and durability. Prodema is a composite panel faced with a natural wood veneer and coated with a proprietary coating which protect the panel from the effects of weather, UV sunlight, chemical attack and the damage caused by atmospheric agents.


Each Prodema® panel is different and encompasses the natural effects that wood has to offer including slight variations in grain and colour and shine, knots and resin inclusions, resulting in an elegant and prestigious finish. Prodema® has the ability to be used exclusively or sparingly as a feature while effectively complementing other products.

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  • Maintenance free, natural wood

  • A high-end, natural wood veneer panel

  • Available as exterior or interior grade

  • Exclusive to Network Architectural

  • Panels consist of an open ventilated rainscreen facade around a high-density Bakelite core clad

  • Exterior panels are treated with synthetic resin and an exterior grade PVDF film, providing excellent durability and anti-adherent properties to protect from solar radiation, atmospheric agents, dirt and attack by chemical products

  • Characteristics of real timber veneer produces natural colour and grain variation, resulting in a warmth and depth that cannot be achieved with synthetic alternatives

  • Locally stocked in 8mm-thick panels in four colours

  • Manufactured in Spain using 100% natural wood veneer

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