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Ceramic façade system


Terraçade provides practical as well as visually appealing solutions to many design obstacles. This authentic terracotta product boasts design flexibility and simple installation to stamp every project with stylish individuality. It is ideal for existing structure redesign or continuity of colour and shape in new construction. 


The Terraçade tile acts as part of a rainscreen over a waterproofed and drained structural wall. The system has been fully tested for structural performance and for static and dynamic water penetration. 


Available in a range of natural earthy colours the Terraçade system will enhance any project large or small. The unique design of Terraçade allows it to be used on buildings up to forty storeys high, and the natural properties of terracotta ensure durability, colour fastness and a life long maintenance-free finish

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Versatile in design, easy to install and with low maintenance upkeep, Terraçade ticks all the boxes for any residential, commercial or industrial project.

High Durability

Performs in any environment from marine areas to sub-zero temperatures.


Energy Efficient

A sustainable material made from natural and recycled materials. Terraçade is a ventilated rainscreen and naturally assists with airflow and energy reduction.


Fire Resistant

Terracade is a non-combustible facade and passes AS 1530.1.

Termite Resistant

No wood, no termites, no degradation.


Low Maintenance

Life-long colourfastness with a maintenance free finish.


Superior Strength

Manufactured for maximum strength and impact resistance.


ENDURING Ceramic Façade


Performance driven, Terraçade products are built for outstanding durability and performance. With an unmatched 100 year warranty the authentic natural clay material ensures the tiles easily withstand every weather extreme, from intense UV, heat and even fire, to heavy storms and sub-zero temperatures. Providing a completely maintenance-free finish that is stylish and energy efficient.

Colour for Life Warranty

Terraçade tiles will not fade or change colour when used in normal weather conditions.

100 Year Product Warranty

Terraçade tiles are free from defects in materials for 100 years from the date of delivery.

20 Year System Warranty

Terraçade hanging rails are free from defects in materials and workmanship for 20 years from the date of delivery.

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