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ALUCOBOND® PLUS  – The industry benchmark for aluminium cladding & ACM panels.

ALUCOBOND® PLUS is the original and most widely recognised aluminium composite material in the world.   A wide colour range, excellent fire performance and proven long term durability makes it a popular choice for architects and designers.

In addition to excellent fire performance, ALUCOBOND® PLUS continues to be the ideal solution for exterior facades offering a lightweight, rigid and weather resistant solution.

With an unsurpassed finish and flatness coupled with its dynamic range of over 50 stocked colours,  ALUCOBOND® PLUS continues to provide architects complete freedom of creativity and inspiration through the ability that it can be bent, curved and shaped.

ALUCOBOND® PLUS  continues to be a trusted choice for architects in a wide range of applications. Offering local technical support and design consultation, HVG Facades continues to lead the way in façade materials.

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ALUCOBOND® PLUS is used in projects ranging from the precise construction of apartment buildings, high rise buildings, company offices, commercial and industrial buildings to the prestigious landmarks of modern urban construction.

Since all ALUCOBOND® PLUS products are fully recyclable, they are ideal for projects that highly value the use of eco-friendly materials.

Key Benefits:

  • Internationally approved fire performance

  • High formability and stability

  • Full manufacturer’s warranty

  • Stocked and distributed locally

  • More cost effective than pure metals

  • Diversity of brilliant colours

  • Weather resistant

  • Individual design and easy processing

  • 5005 Marine grade alloy

  • Lightweight and large panel sizes

  • Applied coil coated Fluoropolymer (PVDF or FEVE) paint finish



Continuous environmental protection is a priority for ALUCOBOND®’s  manufacturer, 3A Composites. It focuses on preserving natural resources to ensure a liveable tomorrow for future generations.

3A Composites are leaders in environmental stewardship and are members of the German Association for Sustainable Construction (DGNB, World Green Building Council (WGBC), and The United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

With its commitment to continuous improvement programs for environmental protection, many of which go above and beyond government regulations, 3A Composites ensures they are the leaders in their field. One of the first companies to develop its own environmental management systems, the company has EN ISO 14001 certification and is regularly audited by independent auditors.

ALUCOBOND can be used to obtain points towards LEED, BREEAM and Australian Green Building Council (AGBC) Green Star ratings.


During the manufacturing process, all excess core material is recycled back into the manufacturing process and all scrap aluminium is sent back to aluminium processing plants for recycling. During the paint process, all fugitive volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are captured, excess paint is recovered and used on the non visible surfaces of ALUCOBOND, and all solvents used in the production process are collected and reused.

ALUCOBOND is fully recyclable, each component including the core material and aluminium used in the manufacturing process, can be recycled and reused in the production of new materials.

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