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FEBRUARY Newsletter 2020

15 February Newsletter Header.jpg

Can you believe it is the last week of summer already! February has been a busy month, aside from the jobs we are working on we have also started a new educational series and have been doing our bit for the community.

Tree Educational Diagram (Newsletter - F


Have you been following along with our new Timber Production Process series? Every Monday for the last 3 weeks we have been posting the first 3 parts in our 6-part educational series. This series aims to try and provide some insight into the process of how trees get from the forest to our warehouse and what happens to timber at the end of life.


Follow us on social media to see the next half of the series. 

Clean Up Day.jpg


On Tuesday 25 February 2020 Wainwright Facades employees took part in Clean Up Australia’s Business Clean Up Day. We decided to revisit the same site as last year and cleaned up the Remembrance Nature Park in Campbell. In just over an hour we had cleaned up the entire area we allocated for our team, collecting 5 bags of rubbish and 5 bags of recycling. We also found some interesting things that had been left in the park including an eskie, fire extinguisher and dinner plates. It was a great way to participate in the community and keep the places we love to use looking beautiful for everyone.

Our team was one of 293 business groups that have cleaned up a site this week, and by the end of March over 550 business groups will have cleaned up in 2020 which is a record number of businesses involved.

See more photos from the day here.

Aj Bala (Newsletter).jpg


We believe in supporting and promoting connections in our community, so we have decided to introduce you to some of the incredible architects and designers we have had the privilege of working with.

Name: Aj Bala

Where do you work: DNA Architects

What did you want to be when you grew up: It was definitely something in the creative industries (and Rugby League Prodigy 😉)

Something you have always wanted to learn: How to operate earthmoving equipment

What are you currently listening to / reading: James Bay / Like a Virgin-Richard Branson

Question you get asked the most at work: Are we having a staff meeting?

Favourite part of the job: Happy clients

Tree Donations - Mitchell Insurance.jpg

THANK You Mitchell Insurance Management

We would like to say a big thank you to Mitchell Insurance Management who have matched our donation of 100 trees for the month of February.

“As with all Australian’s, we’ve witnessed first-hand the complete and utter devastation that has affected Australia over the Summer. Climate change is real and is not one-off. Trees provide so many benefits to our everyday lives. They directly affect the eco-climate in that region, trees filter clean air, provide fresh drinking water, help curb climate change, and importantly create homes and food for thousands of species of plants and animals.


Being involved within the Insurance industry, the statistics don’t lie, the impact of climate change is real and the more we can help with initiatives such as this can only help the long-term carbon reducing goals we should all share.


Mitchell Insurance Management couldn’t be more proud to support and partner with our friends at Wainwright Facades, and excited to see our trees being planted!”

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