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Business Clean Up Day 2020

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

On Tuesday 25 February 2020 Wainwright Facades employees took part in Clean Up Australia’s Business Clean Up Day. We cleaned up the Remembrance Nature Park in Campbell for the second year in a row, taking action to protect our local environment and help to clean up before rubbish pollutes our precious parks, bushland, waterways and oceans and kills our wildlife.

In just over an hour we had cleaned up the entire area we allocated for our team, collecting 5 bags of rubbish and 5 bags of recycling. We also found some interesting things that had been left in the park including an eskie, fire extinguisher and dinner plates. It was a great way to participate in the community and keep the places we love to use looking beautiful for everyone.

Australian businesses are in the perfect position to be role models for the rest of the community and be seen to take action and play their part in caring for the environment. We would love to see more businesses participating in the clean up next year!

Find out more information about Clean Up Australia Day at


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