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DECEMBER Newsletter 2019

13 December Newsletter Header.jpg

From the team at Wainwright Facades we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and say thank you for your support throughout the year.


Please note our office will be closed from Friday 20th December and will reopen on Monday 6th January.


Joseph (B&W).jpg

Joseph Wainwright – I loved the Brindabella Christian College project. Manufacturing all of the perforated ply panels was something we hadn’t done on that scale before and the job went seamlessly and looked amazing.

Julian Gatt (B&W).jpg

Julian Gatt – Joe's house renovation would have to be my favourite because it is always interesting to see how the other half live.

Matty Cole (B&W).jpg

Matty Cole – Cobby Street because it had some challenging areas to clad and the sections out the front were my favourite type of cladding. How goods cladding!

Reece Griffiths (B&W).jpg

Reece Griffiths – My favourite job this year was Yamaroshi. The end product of this job was good and getting to drive down the main straight of Braddon and seeing our timber feature.

Miles Jones (B&W).jpg

Miles Jones – My favourite project would have to be the Yamaroshi building in Braddon. The end result looked unreal.

Lauren Sutton (B&W).jpg

Lauren Sutton – The mindfulness murals would have to be my favourite. I loved being involved with the design and the installation looked fantastic. It was so fun to watch people contributing with their colouring in.

George Stewart (B&W).jpg

George Stewart – My favourite job would be Yamaroshi. Props to the boys who worked on it looks really good 👌🏾

Jay Oh (B&W).jpg

Jay Oh – I'm working at the Crowne Plaza and this project is the only project which I’ve experienced at this company, so my favourite project is the Crowne Plaza.

Kate Cooper (B&W).jpg

Kate Cooper – My favourite project is Founders Lane. This is because it is very simple but still so effective at creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Dave Clark (B&W).jpg

Dave Clarke It would have to be the Crowne Plaza job as the project manager’s organisation of all the trades and running everything to schedule has just been a dream.

No delays, decisions made straight away what else could you want. Even though it’s still a work in progress the final finish will be good.




The new gymnasium and hall feature customised perforated panels. The ceiling and wall panels were designed to maximise the acoustic qualities inside the building. Read more...

Yamaroshi 3.jpg


Located in the heart of the Braddon retail precinct, the angular facades feature Wellington Architectural’s custom Epsilon Panel in blackbutt on the balcony soffits and the ground floor retail spaces and entries. Read more...



The installation featured educational signage and a counter to sell honey which was harvested from the roof of a number of ISPT owned buildings in Canberra. Read more...



Our office space above our workshop in Hume was designed to showcase Wellington Architectural’s perforated panels. The warmth of the ply compliments the black lines of the glazed partitions and the neutral colour palette. Read more...

Founders Lane 6.jpg


We recently completed the timber cladding in the Level 1 lobby of The Mark at Founders Lane for JWLand. The spotted gum timber panels feature the Epsilon Panel on the ceiling and Alpha panel on the walls of the lobby. Read more...



We designed and installed 3 mindfulness murals in 3 buildings in Canberra. Based on the idea of an adult colouring book, the life sized colouring in murals were designed with a different design specific to the building it was installed in. Read more...

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