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We worked with Knight Frank to design 3 mindfulness murals as part of Wellness Week, an initiative taking place in 3 buildings over 3 weeks to encourage the building tenants to take a few minutes out of their day and practice mindfulness by colouring the mural.

Based on the idea of an adult colouring book, 3 life sized colouring in murals were designed each with a different design specific to the building it was installed in. The designs represent Canberra as the 'bush capital' and incorporate the building and native flora with a nod to the environment.


Each design was then routed into an MDF board which acts as the lines to colour in between. The murals were displayed in beautiful frames constructed by Wainwright Facades, made out of Victorian Ash with storage for the paint markers and spaces for earphones to hang for participants to use while painting.


We enjoyed watching the building tenants contribute to the murals, each person adding their own interpretation of the design with the colours provided.

Mural Locations:

  • 4 National Circuit

  • 2 Constitution Avenue

  • 7 London Circuit


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