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Why use timber?

Environmental Advantages

An important factor to consider when choosing timber cladding panels over other cladding panel materials, is the environmental advantages of using timber.

  • 100% renewable resource

  • Biodegradable

  • Helps to remove CO2 from the atmosphere through the sustainable growth of this product

  • Uses less energy to produce than any other construction material

  • The production results in much lower CO2 emissions than alternative materials- see table below.

Fig 1. Net carbon emissions from manufacture of common building materials. Carbon released (kg/m3) minus carbon stored (kg/m3).


Timber also benefits the client by providing outstanding thermal and sound insulation properties. It’s no wonder many forward thinking architects around the world are beginning to use timber cladding panels on innovative and often elaborate architectural, industrial and residential projects.

Tree Removal

Buchanan A.H., & Honey B.G., 1994, 'Energy and carbon dioxide implications of building construction', Energy and Buildings, 20, 205-217

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