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Meet an Architect - Rob Henry

We believe in supporting and promoting connections in our community, so we have decided to introduce you to some of the incredible architects and designers we have had the privilege of working with.

Name: Rob Henry

Where do you work: Rob Henry Architects; a small residential practice in Canberra

What did you want to be when you grew up: A primary school teacher. I’ve ended up doing some teaching at university, so mission accomplished… sort of!

Something you have always wanted to learn: Landscape Architecture. The landscape settles architecture in place, so it’d help develop my work a lot I think.

What are you currently listening to / reading: I live out of town so have plenty of time on my commute for podcasts; “99% Invisible”, “Hearing Architecture”, “Design Matters” and “Talking Architecture and Design” are some favourites. I try and get through a book a week. Recently it’s been Trent Dalton’s “All our Shimmering Skies” and “Boy Swallows Universe”. Both incredibly well written works, and a nice distraction from architecture!

Question you get asked the most at work: We tend to present several designs to clients at each stage of the project, and the clients always ask “so what’s your favourite”? I try to explain to them that the process is to find out how they live and how we can achieve the best result for them. It’s their house and their lifestyle, not mine.

Favourite part of the job: Solving puzzles. Each project is a different challenge with a different mix of opportunities and constraints. I love seeing where it leads us and I’m always delighted to stand in the built form at the end and take in the uniqueness the of outcome and see the excitement of the owners as they move in.


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