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We believe in supporting and promoting connections in our community, so we have decided to introduce you to some of the incredible architects and designers we have had the privilege of working with.

Name: Maria Filardo

Where do you work: My office is located in Manuka - Maria Filardo Architect

What did you want to be when you grew up: I didn't know what an architect was at the age of 5 but I knew I loved and had an interest in houses so I'm going with Architect

Something you have always wanted to learn: More languages! I'm bi-lingual and wish I was fluent in multiple languages not just two. Everything in life I've had an interest in I've manage to educate myself in some capacity for the pleasure of learning.

What are you currently listening to / reading: Reading '7 habits of highly effective people' excellent choice for a business owner.

Question you get asked the most at work: When can you start (designing)

Favourite part of the job: Seeing work completed and people loving the space they are in. It's very satisfying and something I consider to be a great privilege.


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