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Meet an Architect: Lauren Sharman

We believe in supporting and promoting connections in our community, so we have decided to introduce you to some of the incredible architects and designers we have had the privilege of working with.

Name: Lauren Sharman

Where do you work: Director of Studio & You

What did you want to be when you grew up: I don’t think I really knew but I have always been drawn to anything creative. I feel lucky to have found a career in something I enjoy doing every day.

Something you have always wanted to learn: To keep creativity flowing I always try and learn other creative practices through workshops or projects at home. I am guilty of having multiple unfinished projects on the go. Anything from ceramics to fabric dying, weaving and painting! I just wish I had time for more.

What are you currently listening to / reading: Reading for me day to day is design blogs and articles.

Question you get asked the most at work: How much do you think this will cost? And what would you do? Clients seem to get a lot of confidence knowing you also love their choices.

Favourite part of the job: The clients we get to meet and work with, they instantly become part of the Studio & You family. It is bitter sweet when a project ends, there is nothing better than seeing clients enjoying their new spaces but sad knowing you won’t be working with them day to day anymore…at least until the next project!


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