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Marymead Mulch program

We are proud to be partnering with Marymead to volunteer our time and skills on Marymead's urban land community harvest (mulch) program. Our team jumped at the opportunity to give up their Saturday morning to build some chicken runs so that the chooks can arrive next week. We are looking forward to going back to help out on a few other projects which will help out the mulch team.

L-R: Matty Cole, Miles Jones, Reece Griffiths, George Stewart, Joseph Wainwright

Marymead is a not-for-profit organisation servicing the ACT and southern and western regional areas of NSW, and has been delivering a range of high quality, family support services to children, young people and their families since 1967. Based in Stirling, mulch is a horticultural social enterprise supporting adults with disability to engage in a productive urban farm, promoting skills development and community connection.

Visit to find out more about how you can donate or get involved.

L-R: Miles Jones, George Stewart, Joseph Wainwright, Matty Cole, Reece Griffiths

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