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TIMBER NEWS: Floating timber office coming to Rotterdam

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Plans have been revealed for a floating timber office designed by Powerhouse Company which will be the headquarters for the Global Center on Adaptation. The all-timber project will float on the Rijnhaven, one of the oldest ports on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas River in Rotterdam. The building structure will be built entirely from timber, meaning it can easily be demounted and re-used.

Designed to be energy-neutral and self-sufficient, several sustainability measures have been integrated including by using the harbour water to cool the building and by using the roof of the office as a large energy source. The use of wood as the main construction material reduces the carbon footprint of the building. Overhanging floors throughout the building will shade lower offices from the sun while still allowing for large windows and plenty of daylight. In addition to offices the building will house a restaurant with a large terrace and a floating pool within the Maas River.

Construction is set to start in spring 2020 and will begin offsite before the finished structure is moved to the Rijnhaven. It is expected to remain in the port for 5-10 years. Read more here.

Image credit Atchain and Plomp


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