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March Newsletter 2022

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ICU Expansion – Project Completion


We have just completed the external cladding package on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) expansion project at The Canberra Hospital with Manteena. We were engaged to supply and install Longline cladding (supplied by Lysaght), Orange Proclad 3mm solid (supplied by Aluminium Façade Systems) and louvres (supplied by Capral). The building provides an additional 8 beds to the ICU in Canberra. 


The project’s bright orange features can be seen from a distance along Yamba Drive, so make sure you keep an eye out for the vibrant building. It was great to team up with Manteena again and continue our great working relationship.

Clean Up day (landscape).jpg

Business Clean Up Day 2022


On Tuesday 1st March the Wainwright Facades team participated in Clean Up Australia’s Business Clean Up Day for the fourth year in a row. This year we cleaned up Kings Park by the lake, and in just under an hour we had cleaned up the entire area we had allocated. It was good to see that there wasn't too much rubbish to collect, however we noticed that there was an increase in the number of single use face masks being disposed of incorrectly.


It is always a great way to get our team together, to participate in the community and keep the places we love to use looking beautiful for everyone. 


Australian businesses are in the perfect position to be role models for the rest of the community and be seen to take action and play their part in caring for the environment. We would love to see more businesses participating in the clean up next year!

Mahesh Pillai.jpg

Meet the Team – Mahesh Pillai


We have a few new faces in the team so we thought it would be a good time to bring back our Meet the Team feature. 


Q. What has been your favourite project to date and why?

A. The favourite project so far would be the ICU Expansion Project at The Canberra Hospital. I didn’t have much time working on it, but had some good memories around that one.


Q. How do you spend your free time, what hobbies?

A. Now-a-days playing badminton is how I spend most of my free time. All-time favourite thing to do is committing unplanned trips.


Q. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you do?

A. If I won a lottery, Check my account


Q. What’s your favourite food?

A. Slow cooked beef ribs are one of my favourite foods


Q. Who has the worst habit in the company and what is it?

A. The worst habit in the company is misplacing tools. Everyone needs tools, but no one wants to put it back to where it belongs


Q. Who is your favourite team member and why?

A. My favourite team member is Matty, because he’s probably gonna read this


Q. What quote or motto do you live by?

A. “Once committed, give it all you can” because you have already given your time and nothing is more valuable than time

Tree Donations - Mitchell Insurance.jpg

Thank You Mitchell Insurance Management


We would like to say a big thank you to Mitchell Insurance Management who have matched our donation of 100 trees for the month of March. 


“Mitchell Insurance Management are very proud of our on-going tree commitment with Wainwright Facades.


As with all Australians, the continuation of utter devastation is continuing to affect nationally via repeated, heightened weather events. Globally, if it is not us here, the world is being affected in varying regions repeatedly. Climate change is real, not just one-off in impact and as noted, heightening in intensity and repetition.


Trees, greenery and forests provide balance and continuity to our planet, we need this now more than ever. They directly affect and become the engine of eco-climate in that region. They filter clean air, they assist in the process and creation of rainfall, in turn this provides fresh drinking water to nature, habitats and wildlife. Trees help curb climate change, and importantly create homes and food for thousands of species of plants and animals.


Being involved within the Insurance industry, the statistics don’t lie, the impact of climate change is real and the more we can help with initiatives such as this can only help the long-term carbon reducing goals, we should all share.


Again, Mitchell Insurance Management couldn’t be prouder to support and partner with our friends at Wainwright Facades, thank you for allowing us to be involved and we are excited to be a part of more and more trees being planted!”



If you would like to be part of our tree planting program and match one of our monthly donations please get in touch or find more information here.

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