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Introducing Wellington Architectural

Wainwright Facades is pleased to introduce Wellington Architectural.

Wellington Architectural will be taking over the manufacture of our prefabricated, design-flexible timber cladding panels. This includes our range of timber panels; Epsilon, Alpha, Delta, Omega and Gamma, as well as a new range of perforated panels.

Based in Canberra, Wellington Architectural will service all of Australia with their range of timber cladding solutions, delivered to site pre-finished and ready to install. Wainwright Facades will continue to install these panels, as well as installing a range of other façade systems.

With a strong environmental and community focus, Wellington Architectural seeks to ensure that sustainability considerations are integrated throughout their practice. As well as having a number of environmental advantages to other products, their timber panels are available in a wide range of styles, textures and finish options. All panels are manufactured with concealed fixings which enable architects, designers and contractors to create beautiful timber surfaces efficiently while minimising waste and installation time.

Find out more about Wellington Architectural at or contact us on

02 6280 8496 to see how we can incorporate timber on your next project.

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