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Eurobond is the leading UK manufacturer of non-combustible cored internal and external wall and ceiling composite panels. The stone wool core offers a low environmental impact, robustness, tested fire resistance and minimum smoke in the event of a fire.


The panel systems are designed to the highest standards and manufactured to consistent high quality to minimise risk through tested performance, proven installation methods and end of life disposal.

The company continues to invest in product development, testing and manufacturing technology and operates two of the most technologically advanced panel production lines in Europe, producing consistent, high quality products to exacting tolerances. 

Eurobond has been tested and approved by the Australian Building Codes Board – Compliance to the Australian Standards for fire rating AS 1530.1 and AS 1530.4.

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Europanel offers a range of high quality, insulated metal panel systems that deliver clean, smooth and aesthetically appealing solutions ideally suited to contemporary buildings. It is an ideal solution for façades with high requirements for sustainability, fire resistance, acoustics and energy efficiency. 



Rockspan is Eurobond’s cost effective, total external wall panel solution, providing ‘built in’ passive fire protection for large scale buildings thanks to its stone wool core. It is the only external panel system manufactured by Eurobond that can provided up to 4 hours fire resistance, both integrity and insulation, helping to increase life safety and business continuity in the event of a fire.



Rainspan uniquely blends together the benefits of a composite panel and the flexibility of varying aesthetic rainscreens to provide greater freedom for architectural expression.


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